Lee Shelby

Lee Shelby’s story about a work-related accident has the ability to deeply impact an audience and is ideal for inspirational, motivational and safety awareness speaking engagements. If you have ever sat through safety meeting at your work you will see demonstrations and videos on safety procedure but Lee will cause you to understand why you should listen and be responsible for yourself and your co-workers

As of today Lee has helped thousands of people understand the importance of staying focused, eliminating distractions and not taking shortcuts through his live presentations. Both he and his story are unforgettable. His words are simple, and he tells us things we think we already know, but he tells it in a way that will dramatically change our attitudes toward safety forever.

Lee’s Story – Triumph Over Tragedy

In August of 1991, Lee Shelby was employed by a utility company in Tennessee as a power lineman and was considered to be a hard worker and good at his job ­ both by the union and management.

On that Monday morning Lee made a decision that impacted his life and the lives of those around him forever. During a routine job Lee suffered an occupational injury that nearly cost him his life.Coming in contact with an energized overhead conductor, carrying approximately 12,000 volts, Lee had to have both arms amputated below the elbow. Lee spent 23 days in the Intensive Care Burn Unit. This took a tremendous toll on his family and himself.

In the blink of an eye his life changed forever. Lee is a powerful, dynamic speaker with an enthusiasm for life and the challenges it brings. Lee moves audiences through his personal story and his emphasis on taking responsibility for one’s own personal safety and the safety of those around you as he recreates every event of that day to the audience.

As a Speaker, Lee Shelby Will:

Lee Shelby Educates


Lee Shelby gives us a powerful hard hitting new way of looking at the primary messages: “We are each responsible for our own safety and the safety of those around us”, “Taking responsibility for our own actions” and “Leadership”.

Lee Shelby Motivates


Moving audiences to new levels of awareness, responsibility, and leadership, Lee has the ability to connect with people because of his genuine personality and his concern and care for every individual in the audience.

Lee Shelby Inspires


Lee’s message reaches and touches people at all levels in an organization from blue collar workers to the CEO and President. It is a universal message, and Lee dramatically change people’s attitudes and brings them to a new level of awareness.

Lee has become a renowned motivational safety speaker. Lee started speaking so he can take a negative and turn it into a positive by educating, motivating and inspiring audiences in hopes that his life can be living proof that safety is personal; so every worker can have the opportunity to go home safely to their family every day

Safety is personal, it’s not just what is written in a safety manual it’s about wanting to be safe for the right reasons so you can go home at night and see your spouse and kids, those people who are most important in your life! Lee’s story of “Triumph Over Tragedy” has brought about an awareness of how personal safety is.


  1. Lee Shelby EnterprisesFounder and CEO · 2004 to present
  2. OSHA 1926 Construction 10 & 30 hour trainer 2012 – Present
  3. Columbia Southern University Occupational Safety & Health
  4. NFPA 70E Low Voltage Arc Flash Trainer e-Hazard 2013 – Present
  5. Lineman, Inspector, West Tennessee1986 – 2002 TN
  6. OSHA 1910.269 High Voltage Arc Flash Trainer e-Hazard 2013 – Present