I had previously worked with Lee at MLGW in the Line Department. We have kept in touch over the years, and I have always been impressed by his positive attitude. I invited him to the Tennessee Labor Management Conference last year and he was warmly received.

Everyone should hear Lee’s story

Lee shared with our local ASSE Chapter his personal story of how his life changed forever within a few seconds. His story is a must hear and powerful reminder to all about following the proper protocol regardless of how small the task may seem.

Shelby’s story is a must hear
-Hal Williams, Manager of Safety and Health at Bridgestone

Lee is uniquely qualified to evaluate and comment on matters of personal safety on the job. Lee brings his training and experience to offer perspectives on the topic of personal safety that motivate people to take a reflective evaluation of their own safety habits and identify areas where they can improve.

Lee motivates people
-Bryan Halfaker, Metering Team Leader at Indianapolis Power & Light

Having brought Lee into our business to discuss safety was important to us breaking through our plateau in safety and reaching our goal of zero injuries.

Lee has impacted our employees